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  Established in 1982 Ellison Horticultural is Australia�s leading supplier of Palms and Cycads to both local and export markets. The company achieved the NSW Agribusiness Exporter of the Year in 1999 and in recent years have relocated from Nowra to Alstonville in Northern NSW. The 20 acre nursery has 800 mature Wodyetia palms and 1000 Kentia palms in ground at advanced stages. The property has shade structures covering more than 2 acres.

Also on offer are a large range of Landscape trees ex ground. Varieties include Bottle trees, Macrozamia species as well as Xanthorrhaea and other palm species.

Cycas revoluta, Cycas thouarsii, Rhapis excelsa, Clivia orange and yellow as well as many other varieties are grow on site.

Owners David and Rhonda LeBrocque have been operating the business since 1987. David has extensive knowledge of local and export trends and desires. Discuss your requirements with him today.

Aerial photo of farm One Aerial photo of farm Two

To contact us:

Ellison Horticultural
267 Rous Road
Alstonville NSW 2477

Australian Sales Darren: 0448 454 520
International Sales David: 0418 277 541
Accounts Rhonda: 0418 429 536
E-mail: sales@ellisonhort.com.au

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